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First Atkinson to settle in Camden County, Georgia

 Larger view of Nathan's headstone
Nathan Atkinson - headstone
 Large view of  Atkinson Cemetery at Black Hammock
Atkinson Cemetery at Black Hammock
Nathan Atkinson was born in Northampton County, Virginia in 1757 (gravestone shows 1758) and died in Camden County, Georgia in 1817, where he had become a successful plantation owner. He served in the third Virginia Regiment during the Revolution. (Source: Camdens Challenge lists Huxford, Vol. 5).

Nathan Atkinson came to Georgia from Northhampton County, Virginia in the late 1700's. He bought Bourbon Plantation. Within a few years he was followed by his father, John Franklin Atkinson, who bought Bourbon Plantation from him. Some reports list John as Nathan's brother, but I believe, based on dates of birth, marriage, etc., that John was Nathan's father. Nathan then bought Black Hammock where he lived until his death on August 1, 1817. He was buried at Black Hammock in Camden County, Georgia.

About 1785, Nathan Atkinson went down to North Carolina and married and settled near a settlement of men who had been Tories in the War of the Revolution. With them he became involved in a fight, one of whom he shot (a Mr. Jernigan), the record of trial is now on file in Camden County). About 1785 he came to Camden County and settled at Bourbon, and about ten years later, he moved to Black Hammock, where he resided and planted until 1817, when he died. He had four children, John, Alexander, Nancy and Edmund. (Source: The Genealogy of the Atkinson Family - Georgia Branch, compiled by Burwell Atkinson)


  • JOHN ATKINSON, b. 1788; d. 1820; m. FERNANDIZ.

    Notes for JOHN ATKINSON:
    John, the oldest of Nathan Atkinson's children, graduated from the University of Georgia in 1804 with first honor. He studied law under W. B. Bullock of Savannah, Georgia, and began the practice of law in Camden County in 1812. He served in the war with Great Britain as Captain of Infantry. After the war, he married a Miss Fernandiz of Fernandina, Florida, whose father originally owned Amelia Island and the site on which Fernandina is located. John died in 1820 and was buried on Mountford Island in the Satilla River. Mr. Richard Lang afterwards married his widow. (Source: Genealogy of the Atkinson Family, Georgia Branch; compiled by Burwell Atkinson.)
  • ALEXANDER ATKINSON, b. August 17, 1796; d. June 20, 1840.

    Alexander, after his father's death, lived at Black Hammock and planted, until 1837, when he bought Boggy Swamp of Mr. David Brown and moved there, where he lived until 1840, when he was murdered by five of his Negroes in Boggy Swamp field. The Negroes were caught, tried, and hung. Their bodies were all buried in one grave in Boggy Swamp known as the Gallows. The murder took place in a cornfield about 200 yards to south of gallows. He never married; was a very prosperous planter and represented the county several times in the Legislature. (Source: Genealogy of the Atkinson Family - Georgia, compiled by Burwell Atkinson)
  • NANCY ATKINSON, b. January 05, 1799; d. September 30, 1876; m. WILLIAM LANG, WFT Est. 1811-1824.

    Notes for NANCY ATKINSON:
    Nancy married Mr. William Lang in 1820 and settled at Cambray, near Satilla Bluff, where they resided as long as they lived. He died about 1826. She remained a widow and managed her estate with great success and became very wealthy, and died in 1877. She had three children, Isaac, Cathrine and Isabella. Isaac married Major David Bailey, had four children, and died, after which Major Bailey married Caibrine. They had one son, David Bailey, who married Miss Scott. (Source: Genealogy of the Atkinson Family - Georgia Branch, compiled by Burwell Atkinson)
  • EDMUND ATKINSON, b. April 02, 1804, Georgia; d. March 19, 1862, Georgia; m. SARAH E. WADDELL

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