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The following was extracted from Genealogy of the Atkinson Family, Georgia Branch as compiled by Burwell Atkinson.

In the early settlement of Virginia, the Atkinsons came from England and settled in Northampton County between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. One among them was Shadrack Atkinson, who married Miss Jane Burwell. They had seven sons, the youngest of whom was John. He (John) married a Miss Elizabeth Gardner in Northampton County, fifteen miles from the court house, in 1756. To them were born two sons, Nathan Atkinson and Burwell. Nathan was born in 1757 and Burwell in 1771, six months after which their mother died. He, John, fought with the his son, Nathan, through the Revolutionary War and was captured in one of the battles and was forced to enlist against his country, but when an opportunity afforded, he returned to the American side and by accident, met his son Nathan, who without knowing him, was about to shoot him. There was a happy reunion.

After the war, he married, in 1785, a Mrs. Cathina Ferrill. To them was born three children, John, Elizabeth, and Cathina. In 1800 they moved to Camden County, Georgia and in 1804 died at Bourbon (Bourbon being at that time a plantation situated on an elevation in the Eastern bend of the mouth of Dam Branch and to the South of Gowrie Island, 2 miles NE of Waverly.).

In 1808, John (the son) married a Mrs. Berry Elsey and moved to the state of Louisiana. Elizabeth, in 1807, married Mr. Kearney, who was killed by a rattlesnake in 1808. They had one daughter, Cathina, who married Captain Samuel Brockington.



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