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My Grandmother - Sallie Clare Atkinson (nee: Bass) This is my first feeble attempt at searching out my family tree. So far all the names that have been placed in my database have been from family documents, the AOL genealogy forum, family information, and personal research in archives, etc. The main purpose of the page is to provide access to the information to family members. It is hoped that they both enjoy the information and provide new input and corrections to the existing database. Please e-mail all comments, suggestions, corrections and new information to me.  Links to individuals are on the Site Map.

The photo (c. 1900) to the left is my paternal grandmother (click on the image to see a larger version). She was born August 7, 1882 and married my grandfather, William Henry Atkinson, Sr., on December 15, 1906. She died December 24, 1950.

Note to researchers:
The information within these pages contain mistakes.

I have obtained the information from a variety of sources. Where I could I have verified the information and listed the source. If no source is listed the information has not been verified by me. In some cases I have used information obtained from third parties and their source is listed if available.

I realize that some researchers feel that no information should be published that has not been verified. It is my belief that the information should be made available for review by the largest number of people possible so mistakes can be more readily identified and corrected. (continued below)

So far my primary interest has been in extending the lineage within the ATKINSON family.  Secondary interests are in extending the lineage for the BASS, BERRIE, BEST, NELSON and SELLERS families.  Any information provided for any of the families is appreciated.  Currently, there are over 2000 names in the tree with the earliest dating back to 1564. 

I began my search in the Camden and Glynn Counties area of Georgia since that is where I was born. Additionally, that is where the largest concentration of the family that I knew lives (or lived). My father happened to have been born in Warsaw, North Carolina, but the family returned to the southern Glynn County area shortly after the death of my great-grandfather, Elias Reed Atkinson, in 1909 in Ocala, Florida.  My father was just a few months old at the time.  The family home, Fish Hall, is where several generations of my family lived, raised families and died. My paternal grandmother, Sallie Clare Atkinson, was a certified teacher and taught most of her children right at Fish HallIf anyone who reads these pages happens to have an old photograph or two of Fish Hall I would appreciate it greatly if I could receive scans of them to place here on the Atkinson Family site.

 Alexander, John and Nathan Atkinson - my father's brothers
 Alexander, John and Nathan Atkinson - my father's brothers
Alexander, John and Nathan Atkinson

World War II spread the family around the nation and in some cases the world. Virtually all of my father's brothers were in one armed service or the other. My Uncle Alex (Alexander Atkinson - 1918-1993) was in the US Navy and worked in the intelligence section aboard the aircraft carrier USS Randolph and served in the Pacific Theater. My Uncle John (John Reid Atkinson - 1920-1982) was in the US Army and served in the European Theater during WWII. John was wounded when a jeep he was in hit a land mine and he return to a military hospital in Charleston, South Carolina during the summer of 1945 for treatment. Even though he was released from the service after getting well, he later returned to the Army from which he retired. My uncle Nathan (Silas Nathan Atkinson - 1924-living) was also in the US Navy and served in the Pacific Theater. Alex and Nathan made the papers during the war when they visited each other at sea using one of the cable operated chairs between ships.
 Richard Berrie Atkinson, Sr.
R.B. Atkinson, Sr.
My father, Richard Berrie ATKINSON, Sr., worked for the Department of Navy as a civilian and ended up at the Charleston Naval Shipyard in Charleston, South Carolina and never left. He was an engineer at the Charleston Naval Shipyard power plant. My dad passed away on July 28, 1996. He was buried at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Hollywood, SC.  Most of his sisters ended up working for the government and settling in the Washington, D.C. area. Emma Lou Atkinson (1913-1993) married Wilfrid John Dierkes in 1939 and Mary Blue Atkinson (1916-unknown) married Leslie Albert Gooding, Jr. in 1952. Their sister Clare Atkinson (1915-1991) never married.

Fish Hall ceased to exist when the family spread far and wide. I visited Fish Hall several times as a young child with my father and mother to pay respects at the family burial site (since moved to the cemetery at Emanuel Methodist Church just off US 82 west of Brunswick) located on the property. The last time I really remember going there was for my grandmother's burial in December of 1950. Where Fish Hall stood a housing area now exists. Some of the property must have stayed in the family for a while because I remember going duck and wild turkey hunting with my father and one of my uncles out in the Fish Hall area up until the mid-1950s.
(continued from above)
Since starting these pages I have received several e-mails informing me of incorrect information which I have been able to verify and correct.

Therefore, if you find a mistake in any of these pages please take the time to send me an e-mail and identify the mistake. If you have the correct information and source that will be greatly appreciated as well.

Most of the mistakes within these pages pertain to the Bass Family. When I first started doing research I obtained a copy of a GEDCOM submitted by Connie L. Bass which he now states contained errors since he based a lot of his earlier work on Albert Bell's Bass Families of the South.

I have obtained a complete copy of Albert Bell's Bass Families of the South and I am slowly going through it and trying to prove or disprove the information contained within the book. As that work progresses I will make changes to the information contained within the pedigree and family group sheet sections of these pages and note those changes within the notes and source listings.  Dick Atkinson

 The Marshes of Glynn (1997)

The Marshes of Glynn

I will never forget the time when my father, my uncle and I were hunting ducks in the marshes made famous in the poem "The Marshes of Glynn" by Sidney Lanier. We were doing fairly well. We had gotten about five ducks and had them sitting in a pile behind our duck blind fashioned from the marsh grass on the edge of the river. My father shot the next duck and when we went to put it in the pile found that two of the previous ducks were missing. I was given the task of keeping an eye on the ducks from that point on and since I was only 8 or 9 years of age it was no great surprise when I gave a squeal when this little furry beast came out of the marsh grass and grabbed one of the ducks and pulled it back into the marsh. From that point on we all watched to the back of the duck blind instead of out front. In a little while the little furry animal came back again and tried to grab another duck. My father told me that it was a mink. At any rate, I don't suppose we did too bad - we had three ducks and the mink had three ducks.

 Island Grove Motel and Swimming Pool (1997)
 Island Grove Motel and Swimming Pool (c. 1920's)
Island Grove Motel and Swimming Pool
My mother was born Minnie Lorena Nelson in Waverly, Camden County, Georgia. She attended school, from what I remember being told, in both White Oak and Woodbine. Her mother, Susan Gertrude Nelson (nee: Sellers), is buried in Quarterman Cemetery right outside of Waverly. My mother was very active in sports and played softball on a team either from the area or up in Brunswick. I know that she use to enjoy going to watch me play baseball with some of the children of her friends at both White Oak and Woodbine. I also remember my mother taking me swimming at one of the coldest pools I have ever been in between Waverly and White Oak. It was located right on US 17 where it was build by one of my relatives, Burwell Atkinson, sometime after he returned from World War I.  My mother passed away on March 11, 2000.

The top photograph was taken on January 26, 1997 from a point in the middle of the concrete slab that is all that remains of the old motel.  The view is looking out across the pool to US 17 (the opposite of the old photograph).  There was probably no more than 20-30 feet between the edge of the pool and the edge of the highway.  A note of interest - the water from the artesian well feeding the pool was still running.

The bottom photo was scanned from a photo appearing in Camden's Challenge.  Copies of this book can be obtained by sending $30.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling to Bryan-Lang Historical Library, P.O. Box 725, Woodbine, GA 31569.  The top photo was taken by me.

Bryan-Lang Historical Library - click to see larger image
Bryan-Lang Historical Library

P.O. Box 725, Woodbine, GA 31569
I have added more photographs to the site now. Regretfully, there are many that I have that I do not know the people who are appearing in them. I have added pages to the photograph section showing the photograph and any information that I could find as to who, when, where and photographer. I would greatly appreciate anyone having any additional information e-mailing me with the details.
I have finally gotten my hands on the old family photographs that were kept by my mother prior to her passing.  The really sad part to this whole story is that even before she passed away she was blind and couldn't help me identify the people and places in the photographs.  Why is it that when we decide to do something like this we always seem to wait until it is too late?  It is almost like it isn't important until we look around one day and most of the "old people" are gone - then we start wishing that we had taken more of an interest in the family and family history before it was lost or forgotten.  When an uncle past away in 1993, I obtained about a dozen photographs of the Bass Family from the Warsaw, North Carolina area.  Now there is no one remaining except my Aunt Mary ask about the photographs.  My Aunt Mary was able to help me with about half of the photographs, but there are still others that I need help with.

It was the passing of my uncle, Alexander Atkinson, pictured above with two of his brothers, in 1993 that got me started in this quest.  While going through his belongings, I found about a dozen family group sheets that he had compiled for Dr. Sam Atkinson (Burwell Atkinson side of the family) of Jacksonville, Florida (formerly of Waverly, Georgia).  The next thing I knew I had purchased a genealogy program and started entering the data and I haven't stopped entering data since.

Even though I have many regrets that I did not start this journey much earlier in my life, I am thankful for all the new relatives I have met since starting.  Just as it seemed my family was getting smaller with the deaths of my father and mother and many of their brothers and sisters during the past ten years, I have found that the family is in fact growing by leaps and bounds as I get to meet and talk with relatives I never knew I had.

One family member who I have met since getting into genealogy is Gina Fisher (nee Guinn) who's great-great-grandfather is my great-grandfather, Elias Reed Atkinson.  Gina saw this site and got in touch with me.  We have visited with her and her family on several occasions - in one case, it was almost a mini family reunion with three generations represented between our two families.  Thanks to Gina and her mother, Elsie Guinn (nee Atkinson), I was also able to visit the gravesite of my great-grandfather to pay my respects and place flowers on his grave and that of his wife, Lucy Berrie.  I had been especially interested in finding their gravesites since Lucy was the source of my middle name.

Katherine Adams (nee Atkinson) is another family member who I have had the pleasure of meeting since getting into genealogy.  Katherine is the sister of Dr. Samuel Atkinson, who passed away several years ago, and still lives in one of the old family homes, Incachee Too, in Waverly, Georgia.  I can't thank Katherine enough for the wonderful hours she has spent with me, my wife, Judy, and my brothers, Johnny and Alex.  Especially the times when she told me wonderful stories about both my mother and father during the years they were growing up.  Katherine was also responsible for me getting to visit one of the old family homes, Black Hammock Plantation, and the Black Hammock Cemetery where members of at least four generations of Atkinsons are buried.

Since this is an evolving page errors may crop up from time to time. If you encounter an error in spelling, content, links, etc. please send me a note at the e-mail address below and give me a description of the error.


 Richard Berrie Atkinson, Jr.
Richard Berrie Atkinson, Jr.

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